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I lean more toward what thelastbill said...

REGARDLESS of the outcome from the Benghazi fiasco...EVEN IF the POTUS is eventually impeached...all the attention and focus being directed on Benghazi seems to me to be a distraction. Anytime the masses are being plowed with coverage of something...its always prudent to try and figure out whats going on that TPTB don't want anyone paying attention to.

My gut tells me Syria is being overthrown by private corporate military contractors. However, the CIA could be undertaking a massive covert op inside Iran. was mentioned...the final mass pillaging by the gov/corp oligarchs could be taking place prior to the next scheduled financial collapse.

The thing we have got to remember is no matter how much time and money is spent on this Benghazi "investigation", NO ONE will be held responsible in a manner that a typical criminal would be held responsible. No one will go to jail. Yeah, maybe obomba gets impeached...and maybe it will actually be an impeachment like Nixons and not Clintons...but I really can't imagine obomba really giving a $hit. He's playing the part he signed up for. He may very well be more than happy to move on to his life of living on the islands smoking his blunts and doing blow. And how does the POTUS getting impeached effect any of us really? Nothing changes when they move the players around.

The Benghazi "report" will conclude that mistakes were made. The right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing (although I'm pretty sure it did)...and of course MORE FUNDING needs to be in place to protect US embassies around the world...SO THIS CAN NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! (heavy sigh)