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Follow the money.

Goldman Sachs and all the banks hedged against him with Romney, even though Romney had a fortune of his own from his Bain Capital fleecing of the American people. The reality is that "the establishment", as you call it, would have liked to get Romney in to cool things down. Either way, its like a game of roulette where they put money on both black and red. Serious. These SuperPACs are funneling huge amounts of money into the campaigns. Now, with the latest story about the AP being wire tapped, something odd is going on. Why would they even tell the AP that?

Nixon was impeached for bugging one office. The administration just committed 200 individual 1st amendment violations. Did the President even authorize this? The governments tentacles are all over the place. I doubt he even knows about half the sh*t hitting the fan until after it happens. I am not excusing him, but this seems to have become the nature of the office. Go back a few decades ago and you had a democrat like Kennedy micro-managing the embassy in Cuba, and here you have the situation in Benghazi and it looks like they never saw it coming at the top. The intelligence apparatus in this country is creepy and, make no mistake, its a giant cyclops eyeball that has now been turned in on us.

Scary as hell if they are now trying to push him out. As far as I can tell, with Monica Lewinsky, it happened as a result of Clinton's refusal to invade Iraq (it was requested in 95-96 and in 99 by members of PNAC - the signatories of the letter formed the basis for a very vocal group of neocons that clearly controlled the Bush administration).

I tell you now, with the economy this bad, people are WIDE AWAKE.