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Comment: My mother and I also didn't

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My mother and I also didn't

My mother and I also didn't always have a great relationship but we loved each other. I lost her when I was 33 and did get a chance to know her better after growing up. It was then that I realized how much she did to teach me and my sis. She brought American history to life for us through annual roadtrips. She loved history so much that she wanted us to experience it as she did. If we ever got into a tiff about how we were raised, she'd say she and my dad did the best they knew how. I tried to talk to her more about things that were important, but I really feel like I still didn't do very well at it. She never got to see my daughter which saddens me; she wanted to be a grandmother but never really expressed it much. I realized it when I saw how happy she was when a close co-worker of her's had a baby. I have a beautiful 7-yr-old daughter and my mother would've taken her under her wing to tell her all about American history like she did me. So I'm trying to do everything I can to show my daughter I love her and tell her all about her grandmother (and share a few history lessons too!)