Comment: Why Homeschooling?

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Why Homeschooling?

There can be many reasons for homeschooling your own children other than not wanting your children taught in a biased setting. There are a lot of drugs in schools these days. Girls, in particular, are often handled and/or mistreated by boys in the school. Your children will learn more in a setting without distractions, such as the social agenda that is prevalent in most upper grade schools. And if they attend continuation school because they learn better without those distractions, they are stigmatized. A parent won't have to suffer as much germ-sharing of their children if they are home-schooled. You can provide the social interaction you deem appropriate for your children. It helps keep a family close. If a parent has a job where they move frequently, homeschooling provides more of a stability for the child. The state still dictates what academic learning is mandated. The children still have to pass certain tests. I'm glad to see homeschooling gaining more families. In the days when this Country was more about farming, the parents often resisted "allowing" their children to go to school. A compromised was reached whereby the children didn't attend school during the harvesting season because the family needed to work together to make ends meet. Hence the three week summer vacation.