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"the 1st Amendment isn't in

"the 1st Amendment isn't in danger at this point"? Really? Have you notice the news lately? IRS targets conservative groups. Free speech zones at colleges. Shutting down websites like the 3D gun. Police stopping people from filming. There are countless videos on youtube of people being harassed AND stopped from exercising their 1st amendment.

Watch Stossel on Free speech.

Second, they don't take away free speech. They take away your means to defend it. i.e. weapons. (2nd Amendment) so that is why it is the most important subject to defend.

"any threat to the 2nd can be effectively handled at the state level"

Really? is is the states or the federal government that is mostly after weapons? Bloomberg can only legislate in NYC, not the rest of the country.

What Adam is doing is akin to the original Boston Te party and I am sure there were people back then saying what you are saying now.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...