Comment: Blowback

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The responsibility for the embassy attack rests solely on those who perpetrated the attack. The way the talking heads are spinning it, if you had just woke up from a coma, you might come to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama killed Ambassador Stevens. The responsibility is solely on those who committed the attack. It doesn't matter how inept this administration is. The attackers should be identified and brought to justice.

When you look up this incident on Wikipedia, there is source material indicating that a team defied orders and dispatched, rescuing up to 20 embassy personnel. Some of this rescue team died. If true, why are we not giving these brave people, including survivors, a medal? Instead, our public officials are talking to graveyards.

What the administration did before and after the attack has become political cannon fodder, but it's not relevant to preventing the attacks from happening again. What would be relevant would be to examine the motivations of the attackers and why we are going around the world trying to control the political climate of entire regions.

If this money is going to be spent at all, there is a good case that this money can be spent in our own backyard where we can bring in new form of manufacturing, innovation, and bring jobs back to this country.

There should be an independent investigation of our foreign policy and not what the Secretary of State or President said a day after an embassy was wiped off the map. The reality is that it never should have happened to begin with and could have easily been prevented.

All the talking in the world won't bring back the lives lost. Put a giant wall around all our embassies, and someday, someone will still knock it down. The answer to the equation is why do you need a wall to begin with.