Comment: its not about the pot, tis

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its not about the pot, tis

its not about the pot, tis about liberty, its about principals, its about our lives. I understand, he seems like the best shot at things in a few years, but, thats a few years, how can we pick someone now whos got his head up the neocon systems butt, and still have 3 years to go. How can you say so early on, lets pick this guy, sure he is kissing the enemies butt, but hes better than Hillary.

Thats just so wrong imo. He looks bought and paid for, he looks like a wolf in sheeps clothing. And with him acting this way now, from supporting Romney, to this link in this post, and its still 3 years away, how can one stand for that?

And I am sorry, but, holding people accountable is exactly what needs to be done to this Savior some of you seem to believe he is. And that starts at our level, in discussions like this on the DP. If we dont show and discuss our opinions, to get others to see what were talking about, then were all the same rubber stamped shills...and I dont care what others say, I know right and wrong, and having a discussion is exactly what this countrys rights and principals were founded on, people discussing the best ways to move forward so there would never be a king George again.

For Liberty!!!