Comment: When he endorsed Mitt Romney...

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When he endorsed Mitt Romney...

His rationale was that he made a pledge to the Republican Party to vote for the nominee and that the primaries were "winding down". That's always stuck for me... His "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" routine with the filibuster got him a note from the White House that just said "No." after he babbled to himself for some hours, in quite a publicity stunt. Then, we get him on the MSM stating that its OK to drone strike someone when crime is afoot.

I personally think its a lost cause for him. To embrace anything but what is expedient and what he thinks will keep him elected will only serve his own petty interests and not the people. This has left us with some serious kookery. This is the trouble with him... when he made that endorsement of Romney, he wasn't representing anyone who elected him. He was representing the establishment GOP, who, he, quite cowardly stated, was responsible for his "political career". He had to repay the favor. Imagine actually running opposed by your own party and losing, you'd have to go back to being a common citizen. One of the bottom feeders... *sarcasm*.

I don't think he would make it in the Republican primaries anyway; not with his positions. Whoever his advisers are should get back in the clown car and go home... it really looks to me that the GOP hijacked Rand when he made that endorsement and will happily sail him down the river and dispense with him once he's finished completely discrediting himself to his base. I'm not sure he is aware that his base voted him in almost 100% due to his father's national prestige and reputation. That being said, if he is trying to put his distance away from that base, that got him elected to begin with, he isn't representing anyone and is only massaging his own ego.

When Ron Paul was asked about the Romney endorsement by his son, he had stated he hadn't even spoken to Rand about it... if thats even true.. well it takes some kind of person to do something like that. I don't want this guy running the country I live in. That's it for me.