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As a member of Oath Keepers

As a member of Oath Keepers I can tell you that we do not approve of this march. Oath Keepers are not involved in this and will not participate. Stewart Rhodes will be issuing a statement in the next few days. This march is not endorsed, supported, or condoned by Oath Keepers.

"Oath Keepers does NOT endorse Adam's march. The leadership at Oath Keepers has a wealth of tactical experience, and marching into the enemy's camp, to be captured makes no sense. What is to be accomplished by this action? What could possibly go wrong? These are the questions a responsible leader asks before sending his troops into harm's way. This is either tactical ignorance, or willful endangerment; the latter being the worst of the two choices.

I would say that Adam's choice of the words "Oath Keepers" is no accident. He is VERY familiar with Oath Keepers and our mission. Not only are his tactics questionable, so are his ethics. Not only has he embarrassed himself by announcing a pointless and irresponsible armed march, he has damaged his integrity by using the good name of Oath Keepers to bolster his own agenda.

James Hanna
Oath Keepers
Board of Directors"

Blessings )o(