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The illicit drug market is a trillion dollar black market, possibly multi-trillion. Conservative estimate is $500B and that is an extremely low ball figure. Enforcement costs hundreds of billions. And in reality, if you want to go chase the dragon, do blow, or smoke some weed, you can find it EVERYWHERE. The problem is that IT IS DANGEROUS to people who are not involved in it. Prohibition of alcohol resulted in the creation of AL CAPONE and millions of copycats. It also resulted in the creation of the FBI. What do you think the DRUG WAR has done to this country? It has destroyed entire inner cities. It has crippled small towns. And it has created the largest non-violent prison population, not just per capita, but actually the largest, in the entire world. The key here is NON-VIOLENT. What do these people do in jail? They become slave workers. They make sneakers. Designer clothes. If you have a sickness or an addiction, treat it as such. Don't lock someone in a shoe box and call it anything else.

In the real world, the only reason people aren't all doing heroin or snorting cocaine is because they aren't cattle that need to be herded around. They know the effects. The real tragedy is the legalized drug industry turning people into zombified killers on a .5-1% bell curve with SSRIs that have no long-term human case studies. They take a rat brain's neurons and compare it with yours.