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Comment: I can't "leave people alone" because I love them?

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I can't "leave people alone" because I love them?

Cuz, I pretty much thought that what what I was doing. Did you need me to pester you to show my love? Didya? Didya? Didya? Didya?
I know what you are talking about, it is easy to swing over into rainbows and lollipops land, but there is a delicate balance.
I love you. I don't feel compelled to act on that love in any way, other than to reply to your question. I'm pretty sure you expect no more of me, and really would probably not hate me if I did not reply. That is an expression of love. The old saw: There are 2 kinds of people in the world, those who just want left the hell alone, and those who just won't leave people the hell alone." If we could accept that and sort ourselves out, the do-gooders could run around do-gooding to their hearts content amongst themselves - they could be called "communities" perhaps. The others could live in the country, or even amongst the do0-gooders with signs that said "No Trespassing" and everyone understood that meant "None." If the "eccentric" old man is not bothering anybody, leave him be. All of this stems from loving each other enough to learn to give all the flowers in the garden room to blossom.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.