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Cant wait

And Wes... there are a lot of songs on my playlist that when I hear a fraction of a second of the 1st note not only am I smiling (and I have been smiling for quite some time now) I am completely comfortable and at peace with everything in my little world There are quite a few of those and I thought you might want to know that. And I don't know if you will be around much the next few weeks, but I hope you do stop by so if I happen to have a few mins to login somewhere I find you have left me the perfect song (I just pretend all the songs here are for me) because like I said I am absolutely by no means ready to be done with you yet somehow you have made your way onto my music man list and that's never happened with an internet person. Your timing is perfect and I will need some smile songs while I'm out there, I've done this before and as much fun as it is, it can get weird sometimes. Ok well, some things need to be said probably better if said while sober lol (really sorry about all that blame the easy access to fun stuff in southern CA). Back to the music.

Don't laugh, I like this song.