Comment: Slowly and underfunded, as all my projects go!

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Slowly and underfunded, as all my projects go!

The man who runs the equipment around here has been ill, but as soon as he is better we will lay the gravel floor for the dome, then we will frame it. There is hot and cold water and power available, so we are already months ahead of where we were on the last one... We have a lead on a really cool system, we may wind up going with a turn-key set up for this one.
Then we will just set up the AP system and leave it open air (probably wind up using shade cloth some) for the summer, and we will shrink wrap it come fall.
The "big project" of this project is trying to get electricity out of the hot water. We are going to order some nitinol and play with it, but have to face the sad reality that very smart men have evoted lives to tweaking nitinol engines and none of them are bragging about their success. Still, with the resource we have, it seems worth a try. OK, the fact that it is just crazy cool stuff helps.
And thank you for the blessing, I am certainly not offended by what I see is clearly meant in kindness! The only time Christians "bother" me is when a meeting is called for one purpose that I support, and when I arrive I am required to pray their way. I would not appreciate it from a Muslim, Jew, or anyone else. If we are here to talk about X, then lets talk about X. If you want to pray, good for you, why do you need my help? I came here to talk about X... LOL! Even that bothers me less these days than it used to.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.