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I did see video

Why would anyone want to stop me from expressing my belief? I don't try to stop you. I may not agree with you, but I am not going to try to stop you. Why would you try to stop me? Why wouldn't you open your mind and try to see it my way instead of putting up a stop sign?

Most Palestinians are not Semite.. they are GREEK descent, not Semite. Why would anyone defend Palestine tyrannical government? Do you know? Have you read the laws of Palestine? Why are people running to Israel and not Palestine if Palestine is so great.. and that goes for Syria too... Israel and USA are bad,, Palestine and Syria are good? You've got to be kidding me. I wish you were.

Israel is a religious state, not by design of the Jews, but by design of the nations who wanted to dump Jews. Why won't Germany allow anyone to question the Holocast? People blame Israel.. Israel is the victim.. I hear the term Zionist bankers.. because they are Jewsish. They may be Jewish descent, but the pray to Money, not God. Jews who never go to Temple and pray to Money are not Zionists, they are NWO operatives who dispise religion, arm both sides, and hope both sides wipe each other out. They profit off ALL victims.. and they would LOVE it if we were all Palestinians.. no rights, just bad laws, tyranny,.. but it's all covered up, instead thy focus on BAD ISRAEL, BAD USA.. and you think it's Jews.

They don't got me.. I got Jesus.

I didn't think anyone of DP was down voting me to be mean. Is that why you downvote people? I think people genuinly disagree with me, as I would have dissagereed with me for decades before Ron Paul woke me up by saying, ISRAEL SHOULD BE OUR BEST FRIEND. Those who down vote me here, admit, they do NOT agree with Ron Paul on this.. and many have never agreed with Rand because of it. Has nothing to do with being mean,, it has everything to do with genuinely not agreeing with me. Some will end their friendships with me. Thay have the choice and I will respect that choice.

The POLITICAL ENITY ISRAEL, is a Democracy, and has the right to defend the state they were dumped onto. While there may be some Semetic Palestinians.. Palestine is GREEK descent.

People here really should start studying. Ron Paul is a smart man, who is not afraid to stand up against IGNORANCE and misplaced passion. I'm with Ron and many here are not.