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if I had a serious question

I would make darn sure that there weren't any absurdities surrounding it, because then it would be ignored by people who knew better, and would be more likely able to answer my question.

If I were truly asking specifically whether there was a drill during the Boston event or not, I would not under any circumstances link to someone who agreed with me by thinking something absurd, like "Jeff Bauman is a crisis actor who staged losing his legs", which is exactly what you did. Monteith and you could have certifications a mile high and it wouldn't affect what actually happened one iota, and all the hospital documentation that goes with it.

This implies to me you're either not seriously seeking that answer, or you don't realize absurdities when you see them.

You knew better than to post that while having this conversation, but did so anyway (under an informationless title beginning with needless drama). That is why your posting privileges were removed, and will be returned once you've accepted this reality.

(A simple 3 second search on the boston drill that day led me to this and this. But that's just me, and I'm not debating this with you here.)

And you've now repeatedly chosen to not answer whether you think Jeff Bauman was a victim, which is answer enough for me.

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