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Who says?

I'm sorry (((((fishy)))) I don't recall asking you to mind my track. Would you mind not minding my track? Thanks.

I want YOU to learn the TRUTH.

What would a friend do? Love you anyways.

I can say good things about Cheney. I don't agree with his policies, but that does not mean I can't see good things about Cheney.

I expect nothing from anyone. I would hope for a good debate. I have watched every vid, read every clip everyone who has responded to me so generously offered, and my sources have been CIA worldfact book and wiki.. pretty general stuff.

I am planning my trip to the Mid East, and maybe I will change my mind when I get there. I hope to spend time volunteering on several different programs.. Building houses for Palestinians, digging at an archological site, and with the IDF. I want to see for myself. Meet a wide variety of people.. tour the holy land from a Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim perspective.. that is my plan.. and maybe I will change my mind about Israel being our best friend.

But what is being said here by the majority I've said myself for decades. I was wrong, and that is not to say that I am 100%, but I feel no hatred, no anger.. just love and hope for BOTH Israel and Palestine.

I believe that hope comes from the USA, the UN, and other nations staying out of Israel's business.

I'm asking.. "AND YOU THINK IT'S JEWS?" Why no answer, but instead accusing me of having a closed mind? Worry about your own mind, and if I believe I need you to look after mine, you'll be the first to know.

The Jews suffer because of the NWO which uprooted the Zionist agenda long ago and employ that as a decoy for those who would prefer to dwell on what was rather than what is.

Israel and the USA suffer the most from the NWO agenda, because Americans and Isralis appreciate freedom, something most never knew.

Take for example Syria Girl who tells us government is freedom. Government is good. She's correct about the NWO, and why Israel likes Assad, though many here want to say otherwise, no one has ever offered even an Alex Jones link to back up their words, and that includes you.

Link me up to your truth (((((fishy)))) I'll debate you.