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Comment: I try to reference history and draw their attention

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I try to reference history and draw their attention

to how collectivist socialism largely dehumanizes. Plus, its rather dismal track record of being a vehicle through which the centralization of power occurs most easily, and that this always results in abuse. Oh, and mass murder, etc.

I remind them of the value and sacred importance of the individual person, that person's rights and so on. I remind them that they are such individuals! They usually don't *really* want to be robbed so that others who choose not to work can leave easy lives, too, I notice.

For the best effect, I draw their attention to how socialist movements, etc. are *really* funded! That the money always can be traced to either corporations or wealthy capitalists... bankers, etc. LOL! This is easy-peasy nowadays! Plus the fun stuff of Lenin's support from American bankers and such. People always are fascinated by "wow"-provoking history tidbits.

Plus, how someone like Ron Paul champions personal rights and freedom, while the so-called liberals seem keen to take them away... a la fascist style. NDAA, etc. = proof.

They hate to be told they've been sold out by their favorite politicians, too. This works. I have the added magical power of having been aligned politically with them for a while (as a reaction against Dubya, 9/11, war-mongering for oil, etc.), but I tell them that Obama is just another Bush--which we know is true--and I itemize all of the campaign promises he has already broken and how his policies are just like Bush / rest of NWO presidents!

I also catch them on those issues where they hated Bush for certain behaviors but seem to applaud Obama for the same behavior. (Gotta love a despised ex-POTUS... makes it all much easier....)

Some of these people I talk to just get pissed and disengage. Fine. But others have been stumped. I can only hope they are thinking things over a bit.

What would the Founders do?