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Rand Paul is not

Rand Paul is not compromising. He is making the same point his dad does. He does not support a federal legalization of drugs. He supports states rights. He wants to eliminate drug laws and has said many times that he will do everything he can to help non-violent drug offenders.

People need to not be so caught up in the semantics and the labels.

Ron Paul has almost the same stance, he just words it differently. We all fell in love with Ron because he attacks the establishment. He is not afraid to stand on principle and go after anyone who doesn't support liberty. Rand Paul is playing nice and slowly injecting liberty into the MSM. Look at his work with the drones. Look what he just said on hannity... he said that Obama is drunk on power with Benghazi, the IRS, the wiretapping, and the indefinite detention of American citizens.

I don't know if people are trolling us or if people don't pay close enough attention to semantics and liberty.

The "correct" libertarian approach on drugs is not to legalize drugs. That implies laws and regulation making it legal. The "correct" approach is to repeal drug laws and allow local communities to set their own laws if any. He is making these point from a federal position. I'm sure if he was a city council member, his position would be much different.