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I appreciate...

...the emphasis on speaking the truth in love, regardless of what our viewpoints are. Personally, I do have the conviction that it is wisest to err on the side of preserving human life from its earliest moments; but this is not a reason to dehumanize those who hold a different view and lose patience and kindness in seeking to persuade hearts and minds. Sometimes a matter is so weighty that it would not be loving to trivialize it, though, and not voice a sense of import and urgency. How could someone who believes that a human life is a person from the moment of conception just set that aside and act as if the killing of that person before birth was not the equivalent of a three-month old being killed? I would grieve the loss of the ten in the test-tube in the fire illustration, as I would the loss of the baby who was born. All those innocent lives, snuffed out.

My personal faith (informed through Scripture as well as reason) is such that I see God as ultimately reconciling all things in the cosmos to Him. So while I grieve any death in this phase of life, I am comforted to know that despite the extra pain and complications such actions and events cause along the way, that eventually not only those who are the innocent victims, but also those whose hands have shed blood will be rescued from the horrors of evil, or even outer darkness, by Love, which will conquer all. So all those 'natural abortions' you speak of are, as with every life on this earth, not the end of the story, but of only a chapter within the story for each of those individuals. All shall be well -- but in the meantime we should strive to minimize evil and death and demonstrate Love through the preservation of life.

If I stoop to rescue a spider from the floor and transport it safely outside because of an innate respect for life, how much more would I value those lives within that test tube? Preserving those lives resonates with Love, from my perspective.

Thanks for underscoring that Love is the substrate of Liberty, though! Something we need to keep in the forefront of our minds and hearts.