Comment: Before you go see if Doc Wallach has a plan to try.

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Before you go see if Doc Wallach has a plan to try.

High blood pressure possible calcium deficiency. Any bone or joint problems. Restless leg, tingling arms or feet, sciatica, atrial fibrillation, tinitis, vertigo, nausea are other signs of calcium deficiency or mal- absorption.

Greying hair, varicose veins, joint problems or aneurysms are a copper deficiency, common in smokers.

Atheletes drop dead all the time from cardio myopathy heart attacks, a simple mineral deficiency of selenium. They sweat a lot but don't supplement.

Heart disease is common where soils are selenium deficient. It's not a genetic disease.

All that exercise and the average age of athletes is 62.

Start tomorrow with 200mcg selenium twice a day. And At least 1000 milligrams Omega 3 every day.

Stop doing damage.
-No fried foods, zero tolerance needed to move forward.
-No nitrites or nitrates, processed meats.
-No plant oils; salad dressings, margarine
-No wheat, rye, barley and oats if your addicted to them.

I figure it's more efficient to keep one than to find a replacement. No reason not to expect 25 more years. trouble free. Expensive urine is a small price to pay.

Free includes debt-free!