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Comment: Sibel IS a threat.

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Sibel IS a threat.

I PRAY every day....for her protection.

Make no mistake about it. And believe me...they tried to prosecute and imprison her.

My point is Granger....Sibel....Syrian Girl....ME....we are all on YOUR side.

So what if my view on Syria gels with the Socialist view??? That doesn't make me a socialist! LOL

In this fluid situation which we find ourselves....we need to be searching for the matter how it challenges our world view....not classifying every jot and tittle to be on this side or that side of a false paradigm.

Rather...just the TRUTH.

That's all. Simple.

OK I take back my regrets for sending you money. Its just in your last few posts they seem like disinformation. But then you redeemed yourself by giving me a warm (((((shark hearted)))) hug.

At the end of the day....we are all neighbors.

Just remember....all I want is the TRUTH. And Ben Swann and Sibel Edmonds and Syrian Girl...are all on the vanguard of that front.

Cheers...and peace be with you as well. Glad you like my new pic. Got the five o'clock shadow thing going....for my NSA/State Department file of they can readily identify me (LOL).

Peace be with you as well ("And also with you." as we say in the Episcopalian church.)

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.