Comment: Playing the Devil's advocate, I'd argue it's now just perfectly

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Playing the Devil's advocate, I'd argue it's now just perfectly

Playing the Devil's advocate, I'd argue this is now just perfectly consistent...

... with the framework set up by the Patriot Act a decade ago.

Without it, I'd agree this would be a new scandal making the Watergate affair to look like a pleasant joke. Likely with a POTUS POSOTUS impeached next day or same week anyway.

But with it around... I can't see how such practices couldn't have become the new, current, standard, expectation.

Standard procedure, now! Get used to it.

Oh, and btw: don't you dare criticizing it! Under the same Patriot Act, questioning the very surveillance of the press it enabled for its grand "National Security" purposes, is likely to make you a potential, dangerous terrorist, your turn, or affiliate thereof.

Well, yes, even if yourself, you didn't know you could ever be one. Heck, doesn't matter what you believe in or think, including, in good faith, in peace, the non-aggression principle, etc.

National Security knows better than you do, duh! For it spent and continues to spend the billions $$$ it stole and continues to steal from you, remember?

"National Security" especially knows darn well how to spit upon, smash, crush your rights, prior to doing it to yourself.

Again: "thank you, Congress."

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