Comment: This is apples and oranges.

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This is apples and oranges.

I too read Cooper's book Behold a Pale Horse, many years ago. It was the first book I read about all this stuff. Shortly after I started listening to Bill's broadcast on the shortwave - The Hour of the Time. It was fascinating and so full of info. And it was clear to me that Bill Cooper cared deeply about his country and wanted to educate people because he felt very strongly that people needed to know the stuff he was talking about. It was NOT about fame or anything else, it was about getting the information out. Bill Cooper became a legend in his own time.

He dug deep and found so much information and started putting the pieces of info together and it really was astonishing how passionate and relentless he was in his pursuit of educating the UNeducated. And no matter how much research he did he always told his listeners to not just take it from him, to do their own research.

He said many times before he died that he expected that he would be sought out and killed. it was just a matter of time. And he was right. His death was tragic - sadistically planned and executed by the Apache County Sheriff's office in Eager, AZ.

I remember the morning of 9-11 like it was yesterday. He did a special broadcast that day. It was long and he provided such critical commentary on the event. He had been speaking about an incident that he would believed would be coming - months earlier - that he knew would happen. He did not know what but he knew the psychopaths who are the globalists,
were planning something BIG - something that would be used to bring their dream of a totalitarian government into gear. And when 9-11 happened he knew right away that this was the event. He called it right away as a controlled demolition. While the world watched ad nauseum to the endless stream of the collapse of the twin towers on the networks, he was wonderful to listen to - calling like it was - a terrible pre planned event.

Please listen to the The Mystery Babylon series. It is just amazing.

Then on the other hand there is Alex Jones. The difference is black and white - in their motivation. I too once listened to him in the beginning and it was basically intolerable. Sure, he provided info but his style, his manner and his ethics were questionable. When he claimed that it was he who first broke the story about 9-11- that it was he who figured it out etc. - well, then it so clear that he was a liar and using Cooper's info for his own gain. To me, that was such a disgrace and I was glad that Bill Cooper called him on it. He said repeatedly that "Alex Jones is a liar and a sensationalist." And I agree because of this particular incident (well and others but that is enough for this post). And besides that, during the time I had listen to Alex Jones it was clear that he was so full of himself and that the fact he broadcast solely on GCN which is owned by Midas Resources (or once was.) If you want to spend some time researching GCN and Midas you will find out info that is not favorable and realize why Alex Jones uses that network and always has - and I believe he still does.

There is more about the alien stuff and other topics that could be written about but that could be another thread. There are tons of youtubes on Bill Cooper.

Bill Cooper was a good man and passionate about his country and educating. I cannot say the same about Alex Jones. My feeling is that he is "protected."

My 2 cents...

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