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The ZIONIST charges are conspiracy theory red herrings. I think it's HATE PROVOKING, poor taste, immature, well... I'm not impressed.

I think central banks could give a damn about God, most are atheists, and this goes for many Jews I have met in my life. Take the Jew Ayn Rand as an example.

Many American Jews want NOTHING to do with religion, they don't believe, they are not interested in Jesus, working with Christians to build a NWO, and like many people born into religions, they opt out except for some family ceremony. The NWO is anti-religion. Who controls the Central Banks?

I promise you, they are not praying to any God (they pray to money and power) and their interest in Israel is because Israel produces rocket scientists.

The communist agenda has become the NWO.

What's so hard is that there are many globalists who were born into Judaism. they have a Jewish last name, and the last time they set foot in a temple was when someone they knew was being bar or batmizphad.

I happen to know a high profile American (I wrote Jew, but had to erase that).. He is the heir to a globally known diamond company that expanded decades ago to trading museum works.. I told him, "Oh I want to go to Israel. Have you been to Israel?"

He looked at me like I was nuts. He said, "Israel? I've been to Israel twice. Why would you want to go to that rat hole? Don't tell me. You're religious. The religious are THE problem and the sooner Israel is wiped off the map, the sooner the planet can achieve peace." He LOVES Disneyland.. ever notice how they LOVE Disneyland?

You know how so many people admire Craig Paul Craig Roberts (I think he's a dis-ifo agent and should be in prison for his work with Reagan, giving us VooDoo Economics and wars for profit.. he's burned Bush didn't pick him.. and boy does he bash Bush good, eh? People love him because he HATES Bush better than anyone, and he's a Republican) Well, I find that many people who have a Jewsish last name, are not Jewish, Hate Israel, resent Israel and really really want a NWO. Blaming Israel.. making people hate Israel and the USA is all part of the deconstruction of the world's moral values and we think we know (and I can refer to Vatican II, if you will, as part of that deconstruction).

I see the anti-zionist card, a deconstruction card. I do not see any zionist cabal in the central banking, and if all you've got is someone's last name.. well.. to me, that does not mean much, most certainly does not mean they are a Zionist.

What gets me most.. is people who attack Israel, support governments like Palestine and Syria. The people who claim they want FREEDOM and LIBERTY, defend two countries that have neither. Look up their laws.. have you read Palestinian Land Laws? Plaestine makes it harder for Palestinians than the Israeli. You can not sell your land. How would you like it if you were told, you can not sell your land? Is that freedom?

Finally... Love aside ((((((((((Nonna))))))))))) Because I do LOVE you. You have been a FRIEND and I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. I respect you and your wisdom. <- know that.