Comment: "Let's move on, I'm bored", was a weak deflection by Maher

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"Let's move on, I'm bored", was a weak deflection by Maher

Just when Greenwald had built his summary of the events to a crescendo that Maher didn't want to hear, Bill awkwardly pulls the conversation to only what he wanted to keep the subject range to. Maher kept asking what the big deal is in Benghazi, but when Glen served it to his audience too plainly, he stepped outside of Maher's narrow boundaries.

Maher's audience didn't boo Greenwald; probably because they were aware of the facts he was reporting; but sadly, they did cheer when B.M. dumped the airing of Glen's full take on the subject. He said, in essence, that Greenwald's answers didn't have high enough excitement or entertainment value to be worthy of his further attention. Maher then swerved back onto some smaller aspects of the story, hoping that by diverting attention there, he could cover his failure to respond to Greenwald's accounting of essential facts. Pitiful, eh?

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