Comment: Sounds like BS.

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Sounds like BS.

I doubt very much that these people are related. But, I wouldn't doubt the association with the Federallies, though. I think they would pal around with her, exploit her good intentions, and feed her a line of garbage so that she can be a spokesperson for certain prerogatives. It would be a cheap investment and the people befriending her, probably believe the BS they're peddling.

I suspect Angelina is a pawn, insulated from the real world, and used to foster support via pop culture/hollywood.

Examples of her faith:

Preemptive mastectomies (if true) because she has bac-1 mutation = Good PR for the geneotyping/cancer industry and an example of the faith the government wants you to have in the incorruptible medical industry. (Better get tested Hillary because "cancer genes"= cancer always)

Every movie she's in promotes intervention = Good for militarism and the military industrial complex.

Environmental prerogatives pursued on a global stage = Global control of trade/industry and land use.

Human rights advocacy at the UN = Good for one world government and delocalized sovereignty.