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(((((((((((Sharky))))))))))) Thank you

Have you ever read Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea's Novel, "The Illuminatus!"?!_Trilogy

I ask, because the book is very well written. It had my head spinning to the point that what is truth is ambivilent and timely. I wish I had the gift of writing as they do, because then maybe, I would be able to map things out better in making my points. If you have read that book, then maybe you can appreciate how difficult it is to relate all that should, or could be said, and how difficult it is to do in just a few words on DP?

Thank you for taking back the regrets. I'm no Ron, Rand, or John Tate, I'm no corporation. With your support, I stood tall.. THANK YOU. You can not take that back.

You know, my first night, I brought half the room to it's feet when I challanged a speaker.. he was making a presentation abot how money flows in and out of the state( something like this ) and I aked him to put up my county, Mendo.. and then I asked about where the medical marijuana fit it.. Imagine if you were in that room when you were a neocon.

I know I made a bigger impact than what I thought because of this:

My Baby brother passed away the day before, so I did not respond, but I will.

I apologise if I have offended you, for that is not my ambition. I genuinely care about you, respect you and you ideas, knowing you are no socialist, and more than a truth seeker, but someone who makes a stand for truth. I care, appreciate, and respect that about you. I do not appreciate flattery, so please do not think I am flattering you. I'm telling you MY truth.