Comment: I know someone well who is a

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I know someone well who is a

I know someone well who is a psychopath and I've watched this person destroy the financial states of several people. I've watched them cheat in games since childhood. I've watched them physically abuse other young family members their age. Lie to lie. And it doesn't bother them at all. This person stole from family members and places of work. I watched them destroy collections of other young family members because they were simply mad. I watched how doors had to be locked to keep that person out. They boasted about stealing clothes from dryers in laundromats. This person married then walked away from their home for a new squeeze, leaving that person with nothing to live in a car, showering at a truck stop till they could get back on their feet. This person also ran up thousands on credit cards but changes their phone number regularly to avoid paying them back. This person lied to a place they worked at saying I had been beaten by a boyfriend so they could get a day off from work (saying they were coming to visit me) but their work found out the truth because they called me and I didn't know what they were talking about. This person lied about their own mother, saying she had a heart attack just so they could get a day off from work. This person is now a head electrical engineer to a major American city and makes a lot of money. This video rings true how they manipulate and cheat their way to the top. Knowing this person well, it frightens me to know there are people like this in charge.