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Kinda sad

Maybe he was just using hyperbolie (can't spell, and too lazy to look it up) to draw in the nodding "leftist" heads by saying things like "'cause facts just don't matter to that side," but does someone involved in the conspiracy have to ADMIT it wrongdoing for him to believe that the conspiracy is there?

Benghazi? Nothing to see here. Those involved say so.

IRS targeting right-wing groups? Nothing to see ... oh, wait. She ADMITTED it! Something BAD is going on here!

Funny thing about "bad guys" is that they don't often confess to their wrongdoings. They lie and cover up. The more honest a person is, of course they'd be more likely to admit. It's the child abusers who taught their kids to lie about the abuse that are the truly evil abusers, not the casual spankers who freely admit to spanking, and don't teach their kids to hide it. According to Jon, the honest spankers ought to have CPS hound them, while the kids who are truly suffering abuse are going to be glanced over like the abuse isn't there, because the open confession isn't there.

Granted, the IRS abuses is genuine persecution and bigotry, so the left and well as the right ought to be upset by it. But those who are suspicious of the government have every reason to be paranoid, and are in the right to not need a direct, open "I hate the Constitution. Just crown Obama king and throw everyone who doesn't like him in jail," statement.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine