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Folks here are under the influence of propeganda, public school education, MSM NWO influence. Do they know 10% of the IDF are Palestinian by birth? Do they know they Bedouin, Druez and Circassia Muslims are all for Israel and that Belfore Treaty was ACCEPTED by the rulers of Palestine at the time it was established?

I used to March with these people.. I know Orthodox Jews for and against Israel being a state. Now I believe that those who want an Nation of Israel are against the NWO and those who want to elominate Israel are for a NWO.


"Bankers and the NWO don't "want" Israel anymore than they "want" religion in the sense of "having and caring for"...what they DO is USE Israel as a lever in the middle east to destablize everything so that they can take possession of central banks and oil and resources (incidentally, Iran's is one of the last central banks not owned by the Rothschilds). So in a way, you are correct they don't "care" about Israel in any traditional sense, but they DO care about controlling it as a key tool in the world takeover"

I agree.

It appears that you and I have traded places.

As for my research, I am planning a trip to Israel, I intend to do several things:

1. Build homes for the Palestinians
2. Work on an archilogocal dig.
3. Volunteer for the IDF
4. Tour the Holy Land with Jewish, Franciscan Catholic, Protestant, Muslim and food (being a chef.. I owe that to myself).

I agree with Ron paul, Israel should be our best friend, we need to stay out of Israel's business and trade with Israel.

I think the reasearch needs to go both ways.. I suggest you research Palestinian land laws and government.. I see NO freedom. So why would you support that?