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Comment: Learn more about algae here:

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Learn more about algae here:

Avigad Vonshak at Algae World 2008 Presentation

"27-minute video by a thirty year algae industry veteran, who explains the potential pitfalls facing commercial-scale algae farming for biofuel production..."

Webinar - Utility Scale Algal-Based Carbon Capture with Jim Sears of A2BE

"Jim Sears is the Chief Technology Officer for A2BE Carbon Capture and the chairman of the Technical Standards Committee for the Algal Biomass Organization. He has been a thought leader and organizer for the unfolding algal industry since the year 2005..."

Webinar w/ Carel Callenbach and Marc Van Aken: Algae Opportunities

"Hello everyone and welcome to the Algae Opportunities Production Challenges & Applications Webinar. We are presenting this webinar in line with Algae World 2009's commitment towards sharing a realistic snapshot of where the algae industry is today..."

Algae Realities from the Guy who Wrote the Book - John Benemann

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