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Comment: Your article makes it sound

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Your article makes it sound

Your article makes it sound as if Rand should first convince the masses to take the libertarian position, and then, the law/government/enforcement will follow. Your premise is flawed my friend.

For instance, I'd say damn near close to 100% of non-government employed Americans would agree that the IRS should be abolished. According to your premise, because the majority of the population agrees with the "right" position, the IRS would have already been gone. unfortunately, that is not reality.

Our republic is so far gone that the grip of the moneyed interests (IRS, DEA, the Fed, and the Military-Medical-Education-Financial-Industrial-Complex) must be dismantled from within. In order to fix the government, we must become the government.

Evangelicals are not going to vote for someone with Ron Paul's stances, they have proven that overwhelmingly in the last two primaries. What exactly is the point of Rand repeating identically what Ron did? Especially since Ron is still doing his thing and not running for president.

You basically want a politician who is not a politician. You want Ron Paul. Fine. He didn't win, he will never win. He wasn't trying to win. If you can't see that you are blind. If you want someone to act like Ron Paul and run for President, why don't you go out and do it?

Rand wants to win. And every thing he says and does is aimed at that end. It is the definition of politics.

Let me ask you this, which scenario is more likely to happen:
a) The DEA is suddenly abolished and all drugs are made legal by a single politician's say-so.
b) Mandatory sentencing is reformed, some states legalize MJ and hemp and they flourish, the rest of the country takes notice, attitudes change, most prohibition of substances ends.

You seem to be in the camp of "A" while the rest of us in the real world are going with "B".

By the way, have you written any articles on Rand's legislation of reforming mandatory drug sentences or legalizing hemp?