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Comment: he said not to repeal drug

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he said not to repeal drug

he said not to repeal drug laws, just make the penalty less. Here is my point on this : only 1 study cited by the feds from over 20 years ago, show pot is bad. over 50 independent studies from around the world show pot to have the ability to cure many ailments, safe to operate machinery with (same as any legal pill, each user is effected differently).

So many studies are done, have been done to debunk that garbage the feds still cite, and he refuses to recognize that alone. its bread and butter for local municipalities, more money for them feds, bah. hes a joke. He is playing the part well, to well, and i think hes gonna bite us in the butt.

I still remember under Bush telling everyone hes a crook. billions and billions of cash disappeared, laws went into effect, and now whos paying for it? we are.

Not to mention, I was right, the economy crashed under Bush. I still think he was a joke, and his family is a crime syndicate. who was in charge on the grassy nole? His daddy was. its all a sham and scam, and do blindly follow this same slight of hand bs from another guy is insane. I say demand better. Not accept less because its all we have to cling to.

For Liberty!!!