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please check out these sites: (the most popular gunblog, in the world)

they all update regularly.

Gunfacts and GunCite are two of the most comprehensive collection of info on the 2nd amendment.

She can also check out The Gun Wire, to stay current on real time news, events and info related to guns. I call it the "Drudge" of GunWorld; it's one of my daily go-to websites.

I'd submit that, that will definitely help her keep her presentation more up to date without having to veer off too deep into 'academic abstracts'; bolstering/corroborating her presentation with up to date, under-reported local news of citizens SUCCESSFULLY defending themselves against scums, as well as news reports of aberrant state-actors acting under color of law and violating the citizenry's 2nd Amendment rights, will make her presentation that much more visceral, IMHO.

The GunWire scours the web for both good and bad gun news, but you can tell from the slightly editorialized headlines that the proprietor is utterly PRO-gun, what's more, ANTI-Police State. Wouldn't be surprised if he's a r3VOL.

I, too, was initially shocked at the sheer volume of gun-related daily news. There are a lot of responsible gunowners, as well as the idiots who shoot themselves cleaning/stowing them away, shoot others by accident, drop guns in public, along with equal number of cops who blow their toes off, stupidly carrying guns in purse w/out a holster off duty at a hair salon and having her gun go off, leaving dept-issued AR on top of his patrolcruiser trunk while on doughnut run and driving off with it still on top, leaving unsecured dept-issued gun in family minivan with child killing herself playing with it, etc., etc. and etc.

In fact, regularly reading DGU (deadly gun use/usage) news daily has proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt, that proportionately speaking, cops are FAR more dangerous with their guns than the citizenry ever will be:

Perhaps along with that reality, perhaps she could also raise the question in class: if the AR15's are 'so evil' then why do SWAT, and now practically every cop inside their police cruisers, carry them? Do THEY want to murder the citizenry and "mow us down" like Jared Lee Loughner with his Glock 33rd mag or 'high rapid of fire' with their ARs and their 'high capacity 30rd' mags?

then show them the case of Jose Guerena, former Marine, gunned down in his own home by trigger happy gestapo SWAT, along with the stray bullets shot into the dead victim's neighbor's homes:

Then, the case of Detroit SWAT 'accidentally' murdering a beautiful, innocent, NINE yr old girl, Aiyana Jones, sleeping gently on a couch at her grandma's home:

It's not like they've EVER gone up with a platoon sized drug cartel with force parity. Like, 'why do cops need full auto,' especially when their training motto is: "Every stray round has a lawyer attached to them!" ??

Then to ultimately shut down the "why do 'lowly civilians' NEED an AR15 or AK47?" asinine BS unqualified unicorn world nonsense, you can show them the clip below while kindly telling off the would-be-gungrabbers-in-training: "Because, in real life, sometimes multiple bad motherfcuckers actually invade your homes with one. Why would I throw 9mm downrange, when I can meet their AR/AK with one of my own?"

okie dokie, end of my soapbox .o)

hope those links help.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul