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burns me is that they are using the same excuses they did after 9/11. "Oh, our agencies couldn't communicate" etc..

REALLY!? You have been given HOW many BILLIONS and taken HOW MUCH leeway in spying on others, and you're still a bunch of incompetent boobs? How many times are they going to claim incompetence, lack of funding, and resources?

There are so many discrepancies in this story, and it has changed so many times, I'm not sure what to think about it all.

I reflect back to that interview with the Professor/runner from Mobile Alabama who said he had never seen such a security presence as he did during the Boston Marathon, and this was STILL able to happen?? Then he says they were making announcements of a drill, and spoke of bomb sniffing dogs running around everywhere? Then the officials DENIED there was a drill taking place? What the hell was that all about?

There were definitely specialized teams in place. Whether they were from "Craft International" which I doubt, or the National Guard's NCB response team, there were people there SPECIFICALLY to deal with a bomb. Those backpacks they had on weren't carrying sleeping bags and smores. They were carrying response equipment.

I'm still not convinced these guys were even responsible. Has anyone seen video or photos of them setting the IED? They sure didn't seem to make any attempt to get out of town after it happened, nor did they seem to be concerned with hiding their identity.

Now they're saying they could be involved with a triple homicide "ritual murder" on 9-11-2011 where the victims' throats were slit ear to ear and high grade weed sprinkled on their bodies. Huh?

This govt. has been proven to lie over and over again. WMD's, Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman. On and on and on.