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actually as a person just

actually as a person just seeing the complete scam this government is, going for one big goal in 20 years is hardly capable of being done without dismantling it one piece at a time from us bottom feeder level up.

I dont care about weed. I truly could care less, but, more people die from cancer treatment from Big Pharma every year than they cure, but go south of the border to local clinics that were forced from this country because canabanoids, thc was curing patients of cnacer with a 90% success rate, or across the pond to where its used to treat cancer and cure people, where Americans are flocking to for treatment, adn you can see its deff a game being played on the USA people, not some strategy to undermine the establishment. its the same rules of the establishment. he gave a tiny concession of hope to people, while giving them no actual anything but lip service.

hes no Ron Paul, and if he lives forever, he will never be a Ron Paul. so many kids get Rons message, yet Rand has been around his dad all their lives, and still disagrees with basic liberty, including drones that can shoot an armed thug. That leads the way to allowing armed drones. NO, it cant be allowed. hes using the same stance as the neocons and you just cant see it.

Call names to anyone that thinks Rands a hack. Well, Rands a hack, and should be watched close, and scrutinized all the way to 2016. thats how runners are picked, by watching, taking notes and comparing.

Now should hillary be on the ticket in 2016, opposite Rand, I may be willing, but if ron is on the ticket to, its all Ron. Rand betrayed his father for popularity, even if there are claims that its just to get in the door. Ron has integrity, and would never talk down about his son, but you bet your sweet golden nickle that he was not happy/is not happy with his son. Principals.

For Liberty!!!