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yeah exactly. Whats right is

yeah exactly. Whats right is right, how can you compromise on that? I dont feel you can. My father was my hero, died of Agent orange poisoning that killed him from 1965 to 1993. over those years I heard that man talk about the love for the country, how he would give his sight up again to defend it, but realize that morals are not at work in politics. You do whats right, you dont follow orders that are immoral and after enough time, you will never find yourself alone.

Dr Ron has stood against the establishment for many years. he never waivered in his effort to do the right thing. thats how his following grew, not from pussy footing around with hacks to let him in to their crumpet and tea extravaganza.

When I saw Dr Ron in ND, this past cycle, It was not because I thought he would say anything new, that he hasnt already said, but because he stood for something, saving our way of life, saving our freedoms, and never letting money and power change his mind. Ron Paul is my 2nd hero.

We as a society, even if a lot are still wearing those blinders to the reality of what we see, have to hold all accountable, at all times, for wavering in principal, leads to making backroom deals with the dirtiest of all politicians, which got us here in the first place.

Standing for right, standing for whats on the books (constitution and Bill of Rights) should not be a ok, ill concede to allow some liberties stripped, to get a tiny piece of something else, got us in this hell we find ourselves in.

And next cycle, ill vote and support and knock on doors, and spend my own money trying to change minds. hell I still do it. give away dvds of ron giving his message. its never over, unless you lay down and concede! Dont compromise, because the compromises are full of new invasions of liberty.

When you act like a Neocon, and talk like a neocon, and hang with neocons, and betray your own father to neocons, well, you are a neocon.

Actions are everything. I have no trust for a man supposed to love liberty, but only enjoys the liberties the elites have, that we are denied, while touting liberty, and constitution.

Everything inside me says, beware of dog, when I look at Rand.

For Liberty!!!