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Comment: There are so many layers to this story. The deeper story is that

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There are so many layers to this story. The deeper story is that

...Tamerlan was an asset to the CIA. They recruited him because, besides other reasons, he spoke multiple languages. Under the black ops "stay behind" program of Operation Gladio ( called Part B), many of the terrorist attacks against Russia by Chechnya were sponsored by Turkey, NATO, and the United States via the CIA and the State Department. The US and NATO, with NATO member Turkey, via the CIA...was using Tamerlan and others like him to infiltrate the Chechen terrorist rings so the corporatist forces behind the US/NATO could better gain control of the oil and natural resources-rich region, before the Russians do.

But at the last moment, there may have been a secret horse trade between Russia and the US/NATO: Russia has always warned western forces not to intervene in Syria....but Russia has always wanted to get into the Chechen region and "clean house" of all the alleged terrorist rings there. And of course the US/NATO has always wanted to get into Syria and "clean house". (Side note: Many of the terrorists in the Chechen region, may be similar to the US/NATO-backed al Qaeda-linked non-Syrian mercenary psychopath thugs who are currently fomenting a civil war in Syria.)

The hypothesized horse trade?

THIS: In exchange for getting Russia to back off Syria so the US/NATO might invade Syria (and "clean house"), the US /NATO helps drum up the terrorist threat in Chechnya, so Russia can get into Chechnya and "clean house" there...even while the US/NATO/Turkey-backed terror cells in the Caucasus will continue to be in the region, as assets to the US and NATO interests there, to ultimately gain control its natural resources and oil.

And what better way to do it than to stage another false-flag terror attack on American soil, where former CIA asset Tamerlan...suddenly becomes the patsy. And, thanks to our State-Department-controlled mainstream media, with the Boston bombing event, almost overnight, the NEW hotbed of al-Qaeda and terrorists suddenly becomes not Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen, but the Caucasus Region!!

Russia gets "control" of the Caucusus region (quotation marks on purpose), even while the US/NATO-backed Operation Gladio black-ops program continues there and will continue into the future. Russia backs off of the US/NATO forces can get control of Syria.

How clever. All parties win. And more lies are spun and propagated in the media--such as the circumstances surrounding the false-flag attack (and martial law drill) in Boston--which are used, with each event to bring America closer and closer to a totalitarian state.

Classic Hegelian "divide and conquer" from the Global Elites.

I wonder what event is next? I cringe at what it might be.

The above summary is based upon in large part, the facts laid forth by former FBI translator/whistleblower/ Operation Gladio and Caucasus region expert, Sibel Edmonds.

You can check out Sibel's website at

Also google her interviews with James Corbett, Lew Rockwell, and Alex Jones on the subject.

Norfolk, VA

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