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Comment: I dunno ...

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I dunno ...

... the two things that jump out at me are these:

(1) A drone pilot was flying a drone over the scene as events were unfolding, and he was ordered to leave the area (no camera footage).

(2) Not one, but two separate rescue teams were ordered to stand down and not go help. [Edit: It was actually THREE stand down orders, but one team disobeyed and they went to help, and were killed in the firefight.]

Combine this with the fact that there was ample evidence that this area was the HQ for "al Qaeda" and that it was known to be a dangerous place for any American, much less a diplomat. Plus, this was not a normal location for that ambassador to be having meetings, much less with Turkish officials (where the US State Department/CIA were smuggling illegal guns from Libya through southern Turkey).

All of this points to one thing to me: Somebody wanted that ambassador dead ... and they did not want anyone to help or witness.

If it were a torture story, the neocons could be counted on to spin it as "just" enhanced interrogation, plus they could always come up with some bull story about the bad guys who had "important information" -- and the propaganda media could be counted on to be the stenographers they are.

I suspect it is far more sinister, and the primary reason all the other stories are being pumped out now.

Somebody wanted Chris Stevens dead.