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Comment: You are a believer in prayer/faith healing aren't you?

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You are a believer in prayer/faith healing aren't you?

If this is true then it is amusing and ironic that you insult doctors as having a god complex.

You asked how often doctors reimburse mistakes? Quite often. If a dentist knowingly makes a mistake it is an unwritten law that he does not charge and does what he can to correct the mistake or refer you to someone who can. It is also common for doctors to refer patients to a specialist before a potential mistake is made, as knowing your limitations is an integral aspect of practicing medicine.

So you are saying I am practicing medicine medicine because "I don't care?" I guess you know my intentions and every other doctor better than I/we do.

Also, health care insurance wasn't mandated until 2010, and this is a reason why many physicians are leaving the profession, not joining.

Hey by the way asshole, the father of refigeration and air conditioning was a PHYSICIAN named John Gorrie.