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Comment: Robin hits the nail on the head

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Robin hits the nail on the head

I love this speech, it really drives home the issues that we face in waking up the masses to our message and the persuit of Liberty.

Robin, you are an amazing speaker. I feel so blessed to have being able to facilitate you coming to Boise State and giving a speech prior to our primary/caucus in 2012. I was the president of the club that secured the room in our student union for you to speak, and just as impressed as I was then, I am even more impressed now. I had an opportunity to meet with you after the event at a pub with some the other individuals from outside groups that also helped bring you to Boise to speak, but I didn't go. I am very sorry that I did not go because I very much respect your work for the cause of liberty and I would love to pick your brain, my passions are also in science and philosophy. I didn't go to the after party because I felt like an outsider; I felt as though my thoughts on abortion and my previous voting record would make me a target and it is these issues that held me back from doing more with these outside groups after that night. I can say with pride that I voted for Obama in 2008 because I believed that he was going to pursue the cause of civil liberty and peace, but it did not take me long after he was elected to realize that was not the truth. And THAT is what has lead me to Ron Paul and to the true cause of liberty.

It doesn't matter how we have gotten here, but what really matters is that we ARE HERE. We need to be good salesmen, as Robin says. Our biggest obstacle is our own minds, we must be able to include other people's beliefs about certain issues that do not pertain to the ultimate goal of liberty. Lets debate those issues after we have created a political climate friendly to the cause of liberty. If we decide to brush aside those that do not agree on matters that do not pertain to liberty, then this movement is destined to die with your stubbornness.

Robin, keep up the good work brother. I live in Washington state now in farm country, I hope our paths cross again in the pursuit of liberty for our region and ultimately the globe.