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Thank you for the sympathy concerning my baby brother ((((((Sharky)))))). You would have liked him. He was a quadreplegic and ran a concession stand at Reno River Rafting. They are going to have a ceremony for him. He was well liked and I'm told a great kayak instructor.

He used to fly an American Flag and POW MIA flag on his chiar. and he was in many parades through the years. He was a man's man, yet, he showed me that many super foxy chicks dig guys in wheelchairs. He used to bring the most gorgeous women to dinners. He put to shame many able bodied people.. I believe the good news is he can dance again and use what was his big strong arms to hug and kiss my parents who he's with now..

The family is a mess.. fighting... ah grief. Yeah.. I'm greiving.. I guess it's one reason I decided to take on the Israel situation, it's less painful than the memories and family fueding.

As for the war on drugs, to me, it is the worse war of all because it's right here, right now, and seems we can't do a darn thing about it.. I've been trying for 30 years. I have not given up.. I have not seen any buzz at all from the letter Ron Nerhing wrote. I am hoping I will, but I think everyone is waiting for a first move..

I'm up for it because I really have NO love for the GOP. It's just a tool, and if that tool continues to not work by 2016.. I will be done. I will have felt that I have done my best as a Libertarian 76- 92, Indy 92 - 2011, and now GOP. The CA GOP FALL convention will be in October in Anaheim (Disneyland) Ever notice how NWO types LOVE Disneyland? Seems our type like outdoor sports better.

Oh well.. ((((((((((((Sharky))))))))))))) Thank you for being my FRIEND. God Bless you and yours constantly and abundantly!!