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It's fair to say that I don't

It's fair to say that I don't believe there's anyone rock solid on the national platform. At least no one who's making waves like Rand Paul.

-he filabustered on drones
-he introduced audit the fed
-he chastised govt depts for regulating our toilets, lol!
-he took on the TSA personally!
-he's not backing down on Benghazi...I love it!
-he's advocating for hemp at the national AND state level AND he got McConnell to go along with it!

I like what I see in Rand. I don't see anyone else doing more than Rand so far. I'll keep an open mind BUT I don't expect someone to jump out of no where and have a longer list of pros than Rand Paul's. So I do feel good about Rand Paul at this point in time.

If you think Rand is a neocon, then I'm sure you've got other candidates lined up above him. You have tighter standards than me to be calling Rand a neocon. It's fair to say that I may be too trusting, but I'm willing to take my chances with Rand than anyone else. Though, I would prefer if Ron Paul gave it one last run in 2016.