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I Agree

...the important thing is sharing the info. Twice is better than not at all.

As to why MSM is turning ... I'd only be guessing. I suppose the outright invasion of the AP could be the wake up call. Seems to me that the media have proabably been, deep down, accumulating a sense about this president and administration for a long time but weren't prepared to be honest. This punch in their own face might have just been the tipping point or "straw." There might be more to it -- I wonder about that closed-door press meeting that was held before the regular press briefing. Could something in that little pow wow have contributed?

What worries me at this point is, with this unusual amount of willingness to "expose" things in the MSM ... unless there is a meaningful turn of action at the level of enforcement to exact consequences, we'll end up without any benefit. But we'll just have to keep watching and sharing. At least they are providing "MSM" grade documentation for us to continue waking others up with...