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What I would do

I would go to my CA GOP central committee meeting, make my case and ask for help. They could help you write a counter resolution, connect you with a lobbiest, help you with getting the word out.

I would write a letter and send it to as many newspapers, magazines, radio stations I could come up with.

I would organize a rally, connect with others in your business, have speakers, bands.. have a VAP

I would attend a city council meeting and speak up.

Beimg you have a shop... I would plaster it with PRO VAP messages, attract as much attention as I could.. have a Happy Hour (see if the company can help you with promotional gifts.. have prizes.. try to get MSM attention.

I would reserve a spot in 4th of July parades.. and I would have business cards with PRO VAP messages and psss them out at parades, concerts.

I would put an ad in the whatever WEEKLY you have L.A. WEEKLY get on the back page.