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I have noted that those who just spew hate at anarchists with nothing useful to say are well tolerated, and it disturbs me. I also recall the time when the dailypaul users got to delve deeply into 9-11, without being endlessly trolled to accept the official story. Things like that irritate, but they are part of a "free market" of ideas. It seems to me things took a much darker turn recently. And while Jon bears the heat, I have noted that for some reason JiveDadson and JoshArizona seem to be the ones who get to decide what is discussed.
In my continued search to understand how such a medical miracle is not being hailed all over the MSM as the medical miracle it is, I found this:
(WARNING: For mature audiences only)
There are doctors ready and available to answer your question, if you want to ask again, but they answered it in 2010, with a 98% approval rating of the responder.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.