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Comment: Wow. just so wrong on so many counts.

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Wow. just so wrong on so many counts.

I will grant you some have blind faith in Rand, but some have blind faith in Obama - some humans just fall pick a hero and fall in love. They were successfully conditioned at the "Cinderella and "Sleeping Beauty" age - you can thank Disney. But you go too far the other way, You and I both know it is all for show, I would bet a real nickel Rand knows, too. I don't like the script he chooses more often than I like it, but I don't have to treat any of it with any more seriousness than an episode of "Dancing With The Stars." But at least I go ahead and laugh when the show is funny, I still cry when the show is sad, and Rand just delivered a really good line. Enjoy the show, applaud when you approve, don't just sit there and "Boo" the entire production.
And for the love of truth, stop using the "kool aid" analogy:

WE ALL DRANK THE KOOLAID IN THE US. No one drank any in Jonestown.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.