Comment: I think you're right

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I think you're right

Two things come to mid, both of which may be true.

Yesterday we learned that the military gave itself "authority" to get put down "civil disturbances." This ties in well with what we know so far, with the buying up of rounds and the civilian target practice pieces and such.

Others have pointed out that with the birth certificate investigation gaining steam, TPTB may have decided that with Obama's impeachment coming anyway, they would rather he be ousted over any of these other scandals rather than over the birth certificate. If he gets ousted over these other scandals, the damage he's already done (the NDAA and so forth) are still "legit." However, if he gets ousted over the birth certificate, the legitimacy of everything he had done as president will be questioned, and even nullified.

It is indeed very suspicious that all of these scandals are coming out at once.

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