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Comment: The reason for all the "no's" is that people understand the

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The reason for all the "no's" is that people understand the

only thing left to us is to start shooting - literally.

And most people don't want to start shooting.

Most people just want to get on with their lives. They don't want to be involved in a fire fight. They don't want to die, even if it means they take a one or two jackbooted bastards with them.

The tyrants of this world, and there are many in your every day life, will never back down.

They cannot be brought to justice.

Therefore the only way to live without them turning you into a slave is to kill them.

They have made it so, they have backed everyone into this corner.

But most people just don't want to start killing others, no matter how evil those others are, no matter how bad the daily assaults and how heavy the oppression.

This is why tyranny has been the norm for all of human existence - because thugs know full well that most people are "good" people and do not want to kill others.

Thugs know they can and will get away with murder, because NO ONE is going to stop them because they will not stop until someone kills them.

I don't expect this situation to magically change - ever.

There is no mechanism to change it.

Government will always be populated with thugs and thugs will always form a "government" where none exists.

Freedom and Liberty are illusions we can never attain, because the only way to attain it is to perpetually exterminate any thug who arises - no matter how petty.

And most people just won't do that because it isn't in their nature to do so.

There are Sheep, there are Wolves, and there are Sheep Dogs.

The true Sheep Dogs are acting like Sheep.

The Wolves have lied to themselves that they are the "real" Sheep Dogs.

The Sheep are being eaten alive.

This isn't going to change.

Maybe the true Sheep Dogs will do something - I highly doubt it.

And as long as they don't, continue to expect more "no's" when you ask why people don't do something.

People don't want to fight this large of a battle all alone.

And right now, the Sheep Dogs' absence and silence mean all the Sheep really are - ALONE.