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Comment: The huge majority of the Republican base

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The huge majority of the Republican base

is still asleep... and has no desire to ever wake up and face reality.

In order to succeed in restoring our Nation, people must be woken up... even if they don't want to be.

Rand appears to be bending, trying not to break, in the hopes of pulling in enough Republican voters to try to be competitive.

My concern is that he bends, so much so that he does eventually break... and never becomes the champion of Liberty many of us hoped he would become.

Rand merely winning an election isn't enough if he doesn't stand up for OUR principles publicly. In fact, if he does gain higher office, but separates himself from our principles then we all lose more than if he had never "won" in the first place.

If Rand can't win by sticking to our principals then enough people haven't woken up yet. Either lots more education is needed, or an event of such importance and trauma that people, en masse, are snapped out of their government-induced coma's.

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